The Anthology’s Inspiration

“I don’t need a tool box, I have a manicure kit.”


My friend and I arrived at my new home to find two enormous boxes holding the inflatable beds we planned to use that night delivered on my doorstep.

We wrestled the huge packing boxes into the living room. They were heavy duty cardboard wrapped in reinforced tape.  My tool box was arriving with all my household goods in the moving van the next day. What to do?

After riffling through my makeup bag, I came up with a pair of tweezers and my manicure scissors. We took turns sawing away at the tape and stabbing through the packaging for a sweaty hour of non-P.C. language and possible carpel tunnel. At last we demolished them amid shrieks of triumph, high fives and a victory dance around the room. (Curious neighbors peering through the plate glass window probably thought a demonic cult had bought the house.) After this epic struggle, unfolding the beds was a snap and, miracle of miracles, they inflated themselves when plugged into the wall.

We hunkered down on the hearth for a hard earned “Natty Boh”.

“I don’t need a tool box, I have a manicure kit,” I toasted.

Being writers and editors, we immediately thought what fun it would be to learn other people’s stories of ingenuity and resourcefulness when alternative tools needed to be devised. Thus “Necessity is a Mother: Toolbox Tales When All Else Fails” was conceived in an Aha! moment.

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Marta Knobloch and Kip Piper, Editors